Neil Shah is a software engineer and systems architect based in San Francisco, CA.

Let's fix equity compensation.


Education around equity compensation in the tech startup environment is surprisingly vague. Employees often aren’t aware of things like AMT (alternative minimum tax) or grant expiration until they're stuck with a huge tax bill or their options grant has expired. The lack of education in this arena often leads to employees not being able to understand the full value or the personal cost of their compensation packages.

One of the projects I’ve been working on over the last few months aims to provide tech employees with more clarity around their options based compensation packages. Using equity, employees can track multiple grants, stay on top of their vesting schedules, and understand the total cost of exercising their options.

Equity is currently in private beta. So if you work at a technology startup or have incentive based stock options as part of your compensation, we would love for you to join our private beta group. Check out our website at and fill out our beta signup form to get started.

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